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Generic lamps?

We only sell lamps that perform to the original manufacturers specification to ensure that your projector operates at its’ optimum performance levels. We do not sell copy lamps. 
Health & Safety – The item you install in your projector is the result of a highly complex manufacturing process combining hazardous chemicals inside a glass capsule pressurised to over 200 atmospheres that, once 20kV of power is supplied, will then heat to over 6,000 degrees C. We wouldn’t want our resellers or their customers to handle a product that hadn’t first gone through strict regulation regarding manufacture and certainly wouldn’t expose them to the resulting litigation from an injury, explosion or fire.Performance – Over ten years of research & development has gone into the development of the projector lamp, which is then tailored to the design of each projector models’ optics. We wouldn’t risk 3rd party production techniques being able to provide the same performance levels in terms of brightness, colour rendition and, most importantly, lamp life (a small percentage saving in lamp cost is obviously a false economy if it means that the lamp will need replacing again much earlier). Warranty – As soon as a 3rd party lamp is used in a projector, its’ warranty is invalid. Bearing in mind that this electrical component could damage the performance of other projector components such as the power supply and ballast, this could be a very expensive risk we wouldn’t want you to take, not to mention the inconvenience of getting the projector repaired or replaced.Legality – 3rd party manufacturers often flaunt the Intellectual Property rights of the original manufacturer. For us to sell the product could be illegal.

Identifying a copy lamp is not easy to identify and will no doubt get tougher in time. Price – If the price looks too good to be true ask if the lamp is an original.Branding – If it’s not being sold as the original manufacturers lamp but under someone else’s brand as a lamp for that projector then it will be a copy. Terms like: generic, compatible, copy will of course tell you right away that you are being offered a non original product.

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