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Module or Bulb Only?

Original lamp kit or Goldlamps lamp kit?
When you buy a new lamp you basically buy a kit. This is the bulb
including the cage which holds this bulb. When buying a lamp kit
(original or Goldlamps) you will receive an identical cage and lamp
which is currently seated in your projector.

LampVision now offers the original OEM lamp kit and Goldlamps. With the
exception of the packing these lamp kits are identical in look and
performance since they both contain original* bulbs and a new cage.

Many people complain about the high prices for projectorlamps. This is
mainly the reason why Goldlamps were introduced to the market. By
enabling us to source these directly from the several factories the
prices are considerably lower.

Why pay more for lamps with identical performance? Read more on the Goldlamps website.

Original Bulb Only?

Of course when your lamp fails, it does not necessarily mean the cage
needs replacing too. In a lot of cases it is therefore also interesting
to just buy the bulb and re-use your current cage. When you go for this
option it does require some technical skill, some tools and usually 5
minutes of your time.

There are only a few producers of projectorlamps which produce lamps for
the more than 100 projectorbrands available on the market. By studying
the marking on the reflector or base of the bulb you can quickly
identify which brand you have:
Osram (P-VIP of VIP-R)
Philips (UHP of TOP)
Ushio (UMPRD of NSH)
Iwasaki ( HSCR)
Matsushita (HS)
Epson (UHE)
Phoenix (SHP)

Every option is covered by a 90 days guarantee!
Update: Goldlamps even offers a 120 days guarantee on their products!

Generic projector lamps.
We decided not to sell generic lamps as the lightoutput is lower, the
lifetime is shorter and there is a good chance that a generic lamp will
cause heat problems. This will result in your projector switching off
and forcing you to buy a new lamp (again!).
What may be a good bargain in the beginning could result in having you
to buy 2 generic lamps instead of original lamp. Read more about generic lamps here.* A Goldlamps module will always contains a bulb produced by one of these original manufacturers but could differ with the bulb seated in the OEM module.