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Installation tips


Any glass components of a lamp should never be handled without gloves; deposits from fingerprints cause temperature 'hot spots'. In the long term, the accompanying temperature gradient stresses the glass resulting in early failure.
Clean the air filters of the projector. Blocked filters make the lamp overheat and fail early. Manufacturers can test for this kind of failure and any warranty becomes invalid. Always ensure that there is good airflow around the projector.

If you are fitting a bulb into an existing module housing, ensure the terminals are not over tightened as the ceramic can be cracked and reduce the electronic insulation of the lamp. Alternatively, if they are under tightened, it can cause arcing on the terminal which puts undue load on the ballast that can then lead to a failure.

Switching Projector Off

Always switch off using the remote control and not by disconnecting the power, the projector will invariably go into a cool down mode where the image is turned off and the fan accelerates to cool the lamp in a controlled manner. The temperature of an operating lamp is many 1,000's of degrees. Disconnecting the power to the projector prior to the above process causes the glass in the lamp to cool unevenly and will result in a stress fracture and early lamp failure.

Shock and Vibration

Lamp failure can be due to mechanical shock. A hot lamp filament is very fragile, you should always make sure that the unit is turned off and the lamp is cool before moving the unit.

Economy mode

If your projector is equipped with a "high/low lamp" switch you can extend your average lamp life by using the "low lamp" position whenever possible.

Reset your lamp timer

Not everyone will study their manual very closely and often not realize that they have to reset the lamptimer of their projector after placement of a new lamp. If this is not done than the projector will often stop working after the lampcounter has reached his maximum lifetime (usually 2.000 hours).

Below, please find the reset procedure for all major brands:

1. Turn on the projector
2. While the projector running, press the MENU button to open the menu
3. Choose OPTION on the menu using the 5 / 6 button, then press the button or ENTER button
4. Choose LAMP TIME using the 5 / 6 button, then press and hold the RESET button for 3 seconds
5. Choose RESET using the 5 button

Sanyo - Boxlight - Eiki - Canon - Christie
1. Turn on the projector
2. Press the Menu button and the on-screen menu will appear
3. Press 3 / 4 button to remove the red frame pointer to the setting Menu Icon
4. Press the 6 button to move the red frame pointer to the Lamp Counter Reset item and then press Select button
5. The message “Lamp replace counter reset?” appears. Move the point to and then press Select button
6. Another confirmation dialog box appears and select to reset the Lamp Replace Counter

Hitachi - 3M - Dukane - Elmo - Liesegang - Viewsonic
1. Turn on the projector
2. Pressing the RESET button on the remote control for about 3 seconds displays a dialog
3. select the RESET option

Infocus - ASK - Proxima
Method 1:
1. Press the decrease volume button on the remote and then the increase volume button within 3 seconds
2. Then, the LED will turn green
3. Power on the projector

Method 2:
1. Call out the "Basic Menu" with the remote
2. Then choose "Setup" OR "Service" depending on different models
3. Then choose "Reset lamptimer"

1. Make sure the projector is in standby mode
2. Press the OFF or Help button on the remote control for a minimum of 10 seconds while in standby mode
3. When the lamp time clock is reset to zero, the STATUS indicator goes out
Optoma - HP - Dell 1. Press "Menu" on the Remote Control or Control Panel to open OSD menu
2. use the 3 / 4 keys to move the selection to "Lamp Setting"
3. Use 5 / 6 to move to "Lamp Reset"
4. Select "YES"

1. Press the POWER button so that a picture is projected onto the screen
2. Press the MENU button to display the "MAIN MENU", and then press the F or G button to select "OPTION"
3. Press the ENTER button to display the "OPTION" menu, and then press the 5 or 6 button to select "LAMP RUNTIME"
4. Press and hold the ENTER button for approximately 3 seconds
5. The "LAMP RUNTIME" will change to "TIME RESET [POWER OFF]"
6. Turn off the power and disconnect the power cord

1. Turn off the projector and unplug the power cord
2. While holding down "ON/STANDBY", "MENU" and "INPUT" simultaneously, plug the power cord into the mains outlet
3. The lamp timer is reset automatically

Check that "OH" appears on the lamp timer of the status display.
After resetting the lamp timer, turn off the projector using the
"ON/STANDBY" button, then unplug the power cord from the mains outlet.